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On July 28, 2010, in Spyware Software Reviews, by Chris Yost, M.C.S.E. C.C.I.E.

StopzillaIf you have been frustrated with unwanted pop-up ads every now and then as you are browsing the internet through your computer or if you don’t like those newly installed strange toolbars on your browser that you didn’t install in the first place, and that your home pages are changed into completely different and unfamiliar sites, then your computer must be infected with malicious adware and spywares. Not only that, you may have been receiving irritating spam mails in your mailbox and can even see unusual and unfamiliar programs loading every time you start your computer which really slows down the start-up process; these and many other computer issues mean that your computer is also infected with Trojans and many other internet parasites that plague the web.

Download STOPzilla

So how do you get rid of all these nasty parasites?

Well, you can go online and waste your time testing and trying different types of anti-malware software or you can go straight to the best cure for this type of computer problem – STOPzilla. You can go to their website now and download the software for free and experience the convenience of wiping out all your spyware issues in one simple but powerful program. STOPzilla will start its work by first scanning your computer safely to detect the presence of spywares and adware therein, it will then quarantine and clean your computer plus block all these pests from coming back. It’s as easy as that! And since STOPzilla comes with four types of both on-demand and automatic scanning settings, you are then given the power to configure the way you want the software to run.

STOPzilla is loaded with many useful features that will really make your online browsing faster and more time saving; some of these features are as follows:

  • Effectiveness [4.5/5] – An award-winning  technology in eradicating all types of malwares, spywares, adware, pop-up ads, phishing attacks, Trojans, bots, dialers and many more. The software was developed with a comprehensive online security feature that can protect your computer from all of these parasites after cleaning it up. Thus, it is not surprising at all to see that over 15 million internet users around the world has downloaded and used STOPzilla.
  • Updates and Customer Support [4/5] – Real-time protection with frequent auto-updates and free technical support that enables you to detect and bock potentially harmful programs from infecting your computer before they do so. You can be very confident that your computer is protected at all times and is never vulnerable from any malicious program online. Also, STOPzilla comes with a dedicated team of research specialists who send updates when needed to make sure that your computer’s malware database is constantly updated to fight even the newest threats out there. And if you have concerns and issues about using the software, STOPzilla’s customer support is free at all times using four convenient media – instant messaging or chatting, e-mailing, accessing online help, and calling toll-free.
  • Useful Features [4.5/5] – Highly-advanced pop-up ads blocker that distinguishes between the legitimate ones from the annoying ones. Not all pop-ups are bad and STOPzilla recognizes that fact and so legitimate and sometimes necessary pop-ups from email clients and banking sites are not blocked but any other frustrating pop-up ads cannot fool around with the software’s intelligent pop-up blocking technology.
  • Ease of Use [4.5/5] – Your level of computer proficiency is never an issue with STOPzilla. No matter how knowledgeable (or not) you are with computers, you will find your way around the software easily as it has been designed to perform effectively and efficiently whoever is using it. Especially when the software starts upon booting the computer up, there will be very minimal user interaction from your end. This gives you more time enjoying your internet browsing and less time worrying about harmful spyware and adware infections. The software’s performance is also very speedy so you will be finished with the standard scanning and cleaning within 10 to 12 minutes compared to other anti-spyware programs that take around half an hour to an hour to scan and clean the same system.

STOPzilla comes with both pros and cons though, as nothing’s really perfect in this world. The advantages of using the software are the fact that it is very speedy (both scanning and cleaning), it can really remove malwares, can block pop-ups using both Firefox and Internet Explorer and its technical support is really free and highly accessible. At the other end of the rainbow however are the cons – sometimes the software would allow some rootkits and Trojans to install in the system though it detects the activity and clean it afterwards. The software’s phishing protection is not so sophisticated as well but it can come in handy.

STOPzilla scan

STOPzilla scan

STOPZilla: So what is the bottom line?

STOPzilla has been around for quite a long time since 2001. It has been very helpful to many internet users as it is indeed a complete anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-adware solution from the very beginning. Its quick and intelligent scanning technology has been very efficient and convenient to many users who have tried it aside from the fact that its interface is both functional and aesthetically-inclined. You can go try it and prove its effectiveness for yourself.


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