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On October 22, 2011, in Spyware Software Reviews, by Chris Yost, M.C.S.E. C.C.I.E.

noadwareIf you are fond of going online to download music, movies and games and if it seems like your computer is running really slow and that you are getting frustrated with all the pop-up ads that you don’t know where they came from or if you have new toolbars and homepages installed on your browser and new applications installed in your computer that you don’t know anything about, then you probably already know that your computer is infected by malware, adware, spyware, pop-up ads, Trojans, bots and many more online threats and pests. Don’t let these parasites take over your computer and completely invade your privacy. You can certainly do something and you can start with trying and testing an anti-malware program that really works.

Download Noadware

You can download NoAdware for free and see how it will totally clean up your computer by getting rid of all the parasites thriving therein and then protect it from further threats. It starts by scanning your computer for traces of different parasites that are not only irritating but can also be detrimental to your computer’s health. Once found, you will then have the power to repair your infected computer system by wiping out all the threats. But it doesn’t stop there. NoAdware will continually protect your computer by preventing malicious parasites entry to your computer system. With just a simple click of a button, your computer is immunized and therefore safe from further harm and danger. Below are some of the useful features that you can benefit from suing this powerful tool:

  • Detection and Removal Effectiveness [4.5/5] – Over 46 million users around the world has downloaded NoAdware and these users can testify to the efficacy of the program in detecting and removing malwares, adware, spywares, dialers, web bugs and many other internet parasites. The program’s database is continuously updated to include all new threats; thus, it would detect all kinds of malicious elements and make sure that your computer is continuously protected. NoAdware’s scanning and clean-up process is very comprehensive and direct to the point as it uses the Thread Scanner technology wherein identification of the latest and the most prevalent internet parasites has never been easier. You can have your peace of mind while downloading music and videos online or from browsing any website that you please without worrying about internet parasites threatening to damage your computer. Thus, after scanning and cleaning-up your computer, you will really notice how much faster your computer processing is.
  • Threat Protection [5/5] – NoAdware comes with various browser shields that you can configure to your preference; this includes a real-time shield that protects your computer while you are online by simply detecting every malicious threat that may attempt to install in your computer. It even comes with an option to protect your browser’s “bookmarks” or “favorites” by not letting harmful online elements to add themselves in that list. You will even get an alert or a notification warning that some malicious element is trying to sneak in to your bookmarks. NoAdware also comes with a useful scheduling feature wherein you can configure a specific time when the program will automatically scan your computer for threats and infiltrations. This is a very useful protection tool in case you forget to manually scan your computer from threats.
  • Ease of Use [5/5] – NoAdware is definitely user-friendly, simple, and very easy to use. The steps are very clear and uncomplicated on its straightforward interface as it focuses on its features and effectiveness. However, you are guaranteed that underneath the rather humble exterior is a complex and highly advanced technology that will eradicate all internet parasites in a jiffy. And so while some users of other anti-malware software are confusing themselves and find it hard to navigate around their system, you will find that everything is simplified in NoAdware’s interface so rest-assured that you will be able to do what you need to do without the help of an IT expert.
  • System Performance [4/5] – NoAdware is definitely not a wimp when it comes to performance. It is very fast in detecting and destroying internet parasites and without even affecting your computer’s overall performance as it will continue to run smoothly and start-up processes fast even when the program is running in the background.
  • Customer Support [4/5] – NoAdware is proud of its friendly, reliable and knowledgeable customer support. You will find it very useful to email and chat with these people whenever you encounter a problem in installing or using the software.

Screenshots of NoAdware

NoAdware Scan 1

NoAdware Scan 2

NoAdware Finished Scanning

It’s a fact that some anti-malware programs are really good in detecting threats but not all of them are good in taking action as well. NoAdware is good in all accounts though – detecting, removing, and even protecting. It strikes hard by eradicating all online malicious threats without asking too much from the user (like restarting every now and then or getting frustrated with slow processes). This is but one of the many reasons why NoAdware holds the number one spot among other anti-malware programs and it keeps getting better and better each day.


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