Microsoft Security Essentials vs. Norton AntiVirus

On September 19, 2012, in Windows Security, by Chris Yost, M.C.S.E. C.C.I.E.

When judging which antivirus software is better between Microsoft Security Essentials and Norton AntiVirus, users have different opinions. Shortly after the launch of Microsoft Security Essentials, Symantec published a study called “Norton Antivirus 2009 Versus Microsoft Security Essentials: A Comparative Anti-Malware Test”, which affirms that both products were exposed to all kind of malware encountered in real life.  Even if every time Norton proved to be significantly better than its “opponent”, many users consider that Microsoft Security Essentials is totally complementary with the Microsoft system. Therefore, they consider that Microsoft Security Essentials is enough to protect their personal computers from malware. In fact, as its name suggests, this antivirus only protects the PCs from the basic enemies, being far less complex than Norton.

The fact is that, into a virtual world where the creation of malware is permanently evolving, a proper antivirus software is absolutely essential. The Microsoft system is pretty vulnerable to hackers’ tricks and new scams and, even though Microsoft Security Essentials updates help at preventing the PC from malware, professional hackers are still able to attack the operating system. Therefore, not just Norton, but also almost every famous brand antivirus software believe that using only Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your computer is far too risky. However, it is a free software and it comes attached to the Microsoft brand, which has become very prestigious among the Internet users.

On the other hand, Norton AntiVirus is not a free service, but the provided quality is higher. Norton AntiVirus also offers a basic protection to the PCs, by stopping viruses and spyware. Norton is able to perform a deep clean of the PC, thanks to the powerful Threat-Removal-Layer, which removes aggressive infections, often missed by the less sophisticated antivirus products.  Moreover, the company assures customers that their extremely evolved technology also stops the malware which hackers have not created yet. Apart from that, scanning and updates are running just when the person is not using his or her PC, and there will be no need to reboot the PC after a certain update.

On the other hand, Microsoft Security  Essentials, apart from offering a comprehensive and quite protection, is also easy to get and easy to use. It is available at no cost, it requires no registration process, and it can be easily installed after a quick download.

In conclusion, choosing between Microsoft Security Essentials and Norton AntiVirus is rather a matter of preference. If the only thing you need is a basic protection, then Microsoft Security Essentials is the perfect choice. But if you want to be more cautious, then you should try Norton AntiVirus.


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