What is a Malware Remover?

On December 28, 2009, in Malware, by Chris Yost, M.C.S.E. C.C.I.E.

Malware goes by many different names including spyware, adware, rouges software, etc. Some people use the term spyware to describe any malicious software that isn’t considered a computer virus, while others prefer malware. Honestly, it is getting harder everyday to distinguish viruses, malware spyware and all the other types of harmful computer programs that can infect your PC. A malware remover is a program specifically designed to remove all harmful components and get your computer running as new again. Some malware remover programs will not only remove malware, but will also actively block this type of software from infecting your computer in the first place.

Malware remover programs combat malware two different ways:

1.    Real Time Protection:

Similar to an antivirus program the malware remover will constantly monitor computer activity and incoming network data watching and waiting to block all and any threats that come in contact with your computer. This will stop the installation (effectively blocking) of any malware in real-time.

2.    Detection and Removal:

Available when needed, this type of software is one of the most popular types of malware removers. You choose when to scan your system for malware components. The malware remover checks each and every file on your computer and compares them against its database of known malware and removers all threats.

Examples of Malware Removal Software:

We recommend XoftspySE as our #1 malware remover for 2010.


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